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Amy Connerley is a Singer/Songwriter, Actress, and Dancer in New York City. She has been blessed to be a part of multiple live performances, films and events all around the country! She released her first original single, “On Our Own” in 2020 and is so excited to continue to explore her own artistry.


Music has always been a driving force in her life and she enjoys connecting with others who share her passion for music! Amy would LOVE to hear from you, so if you enjoy her music, please feel free to reach out to her on any social media platforms! <3


Amy has performed at venues around the country with her own music and a variety of different shows including at The Knitting Factory, Mulcahy’s Pub and Concert Hall, Coralville Pride, and Caffeine Underground. Some of her favorite credits include: Time It Is: To Music (Theater for the New City), Skin (NCo Dance), and The Bomb-itty of Errors (AlphaNYC). She always wants to emphasize messages of acceptance and finding joy in everyday life. 

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Interview: Mella Music

"What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of moving to NYC to pursue their artistic dreams?

I would say be prepared. Be prepared to struggle, be prepared to have to make sacrifices for your career. Be prepared to work. I would also say be open minded. Let the road take you where you may. Everyone’s path is so different in this industry, so do not compare yourself to someone else’s journey."

- Mella Barnes of 
Mella Music

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On Our Own - Amy ConnerleyArtist Name
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History Repeating - Amy ConnerleyArtist Name
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Interview: Authority Magazine

"I would love to start a movement of more acceptance. Acceptance of yourself. Acceptance of others."

- Yitzi Weiner from 
Authority Magazine

Click here to see the full interview!

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